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BIM Management

The BIM Manager model viewer is available on Apple iOS devices so that documents, models and drawings can be viewed easily when away from the office. Simple measurements can be created on the device, enabling a quick check of expectations when on site.

All project files are downloaded to the device so that the required information is to hand even when no internet connection is available.


Feature Wheel

  • Model Viewer
    • Graphics viewer allows 2D drawings to be displayed.
    • 3D models can be displayed in viewer.
    • Raster images can be viewed on mobile device.
  • Model Mark-ups
    • Text mark-ups.
    • Cloud mark-ups.
    • Freehand mark-ups.
    • Rectangle mark-ups.
    • Photographs can be attached.
  • Quick Measure
    • Can be used for count measurements.
    • Ideal for recording length, area and volume measurements.
    • Resulting measurements are displayed on screen.
  • Offline Mode
    • Project files downloaded to iOS device.
    • Mark-ups synchronised with project server.
    • Photographs synchronised with project server.