Doc. Import PAS1192 |
BIM Management

Within BIM Manager documents in multiple file formats can be imported to the project and viewed, and IFC models can be merged to a single model. It can also be used in conjunction with Causeway Enterprise Content Management as a back-end system for document management if required.

BIM Manager enables users to associate a PAS1192 file reference to any imported document, thereby accommodating BS1192/PAS1192 referencing and tagging to imported files. Additional tags can be added to the imported file reference if required.


Feature Wheel

  • Multi-file support
    • IFC models can be imported separately to BIM Manager.
    • Imported IFC models can be merged to a single combined model.
    • Imported models can be viewed as a single model.
    • Merged models can be viewed as a combined model.
  • PAS1192
    • Project-specific references can be included.
    • Optional tags, such as revision and classification, can be added to reference.
    • BS1192 / PAS 1192 referencing can be applied to imported files.
    • Pattern can be modified to suit project requirements.
    • Corporate specific references can be included.
  • ECM integration
    • ECM provides the ability to view non-model data.
    • The ECM solution can be used to supplement the functionality provided by BIM Manager.
    • ECM can be used as document management tool.