COBie & IFC |
BIM Management

Causeway BIM Manager has the ability to import and export to both IFC and COBie format files.

It can also combine separate IFC models into a single model and then export it to IFC for transfer to other BIM solutions.

COBie files can be created at all stages of the project, making this solution ideal for projects where ‘COBie drop’ are a requirement.


Feature Wheel

  • Import & export
    • Import and export of COBie files.
    • Import and export of IFC models.
    • Compatible with industry standard design systems.
  • Combined model export
    • Allows separate IFC models to be combined.
    • Enables transfer of model data to other IFC compliant software.
    • Combined models can be exported to COBie or IFC formats.
  • COBie drops
    • User-defined COBie stages.
    • Allows creation of COBie files at any stage of the project.
    • Supports use of 'COBie drops'.