Clash Detection |
BIM Management

Using BIM Manager it is easy to compare different models, such as those from different disciplines, and use established clash rules to identify where hard and soft clashes may occur. For ease of use, clashes can be displayed visually.

Where clash issues are identified a BCF file can be created and forwarded to the originator for clarification or rectification.


Feature Wheel

  • Clash rules
    • Rules can be created to compare models from different consultants.
    • Differences in the models are displayed graphically in the browser.
    • Hard and soft cashes are identified.
    • Clash rules can be defined to limit the clashes displayed.
    • Rule sets can be created which can be re-used on different projects.
  • Model comparison
    • Compare two models from different consultants or disciplines.
    • Clashes are displayed in the viewer pane.
  • Issue reporting
    • All identified clashes can be listed for review.
    • Issues can be filtered by hard or soft clashes.
    • Clashes can be queried as a BCF file set.
  • BCF compliance
    • Create BCF data sets to forward to originator for clarification of issues.
    • Response to BCF can be imported.
    • BCF can be sent via email client.