Overlay Design |
BIM Infrastructure Design

Developed with guidance from Local Authority customers, Overlay can handle urban and rural designs of all sizes and complexity in one easy to use package.

This flexible pavement renewal design system can be applied equally well to motorways, rural roads, urban streets, runways, hard standings and car parks.


Feature Wheel

  • Flexible design
    • Design a proposed crown line and apply a template.
    • Design from existing channel edges.
    • Design junction ties-ins.
    • Template design based on optimised regulation/scarification.
  • Existing surface analysis
    • Display contours.
    • Display drainage arrows.
    • Display existing crossfall.
    • Identify high and low points.
  • Threshold tie-in analysis
    • Display crossfalls.
    • Identify problem areas.
    • Edit any element of the design.
  • Iterative design refinement
    • Automated first pass design.
    • Refine the centreline or channels.
    • Various refinement tools.
    • Any refinement automatically ripples through the whole design.
  • Construction quantities
    • Define project-specific overlay construction.
    • Define inlay construction.
    • Display and report areas of regulating/scarification.
    • Report the quantities for the main project and side road tie-ins.