Improving information & communication

From Head Office to Site Office, Stepnell’s use of Causeway’s ECM software has enabled the family owned firm to ‘free itself from the burden of paper’. Taking full control of all digital and paper based communications, Stepnell has significantly increased the capacity of its people to cope with communication and information management.
Stepnell was in danger of being overrun by the ever increasing levels of information generated by its construction operations. Within just three months, 95% of the company’s business across it’s five regions was using Causeway’s ECM software solution; enabling easy sharing, storing and finding of all information.

With seamless integration to existing software products such as Microsoft Office, Causeway’s ECM software provides Stepnell with a structured document management environment, improving productivity, corporate agility and governance while reducing the risks associated with audit and litigation.

Using Causeway ECM, Stepnell stores every piece of information digitally first, with paper being a secondary backup where necessary. Every person attending a Stepnell site or office can now find the information they need when they need it, delivering a wide range of productivity and management benefits.

Supporting the Build Process

Embracing the full opportunities of BIM, Causeway’s software solutions for the construction of the built environment extend from estimating, through to project accounting and procurement. They encompass core improvements in the performance management of suppliers and the efficient management of electronic transactions and all documents and files generated throughout the project lifecycle.