Improved productivity with reduced risk

Causeway Estimating has enabled building contractors Cheesmur to dramatically reduce the time required to produce a tender, thereby increasing the company’s tender throughout and supporting an improved win rate with increased margins.
Previously Cheesmur had been using a spreadsheet-based system and found that this imposed a number of limitations on productivity while increasing financial risk. In increasing the accuracy and visibility of key information, implementation of Estimating has reduced financial risk, increased flexibility and boosted productivity.

Upgrading to Causeway Estimating and CADMeasure from a spreadsheet-based estimating system and manual take-off from drawings has enabled Cheesmur’s estimators to double their workload and increase their win rate to deliver a positive impact on turnover and profitability. It has also greatly facilitated the review of estimates by the contracts team when a project has been won and moves into the contract stage.

Supporting the Build Process 

Embracing the full opportunities of BIM, Causeway’s software solutions for the construction of the built environment extend from estimating, through to project accounting and procurement. They encompass core improvements in the performance management of suppliers and the efficient management of electronic transactions and all documents and files generated throughout the project lifecycle.